TRIPELLER: A trio of prolific producers / djs in a dynamic fusion of talent.

This trio is the union of Ruben Carr aka DJ Darky, Harout Pogossian aka HP, and Lucas Carmona aka LCM!. Experiencing global success producing several tracks together, Darky, HP and LCM! decided to combine their talents as TRIPELLER.

In 2001, they produced the 12” ECHO on DHV Records as HP & Darky with LCM!. The track, “Pensamiento Progresivo” held the #1 spot of 2001 on Trance Addict and was energetically endorsed by Groove Radio.

Their first commercial CD mixed by DJ Darky titled TRANCED MIXED VERSION 1.01 was released on DJ on Tour in 2002. Three of TRIPELLER’s original songs: “Pensamiento Progresivo” and “Tear Drops” from their aforementioned album ECHO and “Final Destination” under the name, Kef Bros. along with remix by Paul van Dyk of Jam & Spoon’s “Be Angeled” to name a few were on this CD.

In 2003, TRIPELLER’s remix of “Fire” was featured on the 12” of three mixes in the album FIRE on Blue Chrome Recordings.

TRIPELLER’s remix of Blank & Jones “A Forest” featuring Robert Smith along with the original was released as CD / DVD single on February 24th, 2004 on Water Music Records.

Currently, TRIPELLER is remixing the song, “Ode to Our”, written and produced by Sandra Collins, and Jason Blum and Scott Giaquinta of Deepsky to be released in 2004 on DHV Records.

"Thanks for the Tripeller CD. I enjoyed listening to it. Very good production all around."
- Christopher Lawrence
February 2004

2004  Iris - DHV Records (USA) - 12"

 Blank & Jones feat Robert Smith - A Forest - orig mix +
 Tripeller remix - Water Music Records (USA) - CD /DVD