Worlds virtually meet with the fusion of Los Angeles producer Harout Pogossian and Finnish film composer Tapsa Kuusniemi creating the production team of Spinfuse. Being a fan of Tapsa's epic Hollywood sound, Harout found a common ground with their mutual interest in breakbeat. Since then, they have collaborated on several projects under their own names and aliases. In 2004, Tapsa contributed a valuable element in the making of the song Iris by Tripeller (Harout is part of) which was a global success with the support of well known artists such as D:Fuse and DJ Rap to name a few.

Reflecting upon the success they have had in their collaborations, Harout and Tapsa decided to create a new sound fusing down tempo, breakbeat, jazz and eastern sounds with trancy elements. Sensual and cinematic, "Planet Earth" is their first production under the name of Spinfuse. Prepare to be mesmerized with more to come by this new fusion of talent, Spinfuse.