Ruben Carr took the electronic music scene by storm, his countless performances have drawn massive crowds making him a household name. It is commonly known that Ruben has not only exceeded the benchmark created by his predecessors, but also has founded a new set of standards that will challenge others for years to come. Beginning at small desert parties such as "Blue Sky" and "Ambrosia", his talent, mixing skills, and unique style of music separated him from the rest. It was practically overnight that he went from unknown to being offered residency at one of L.A.'s hottest clubs the "Matrix."

The originality of Ruben Carr's music not only maintains the pop allure that draws crowds and sells records, but also succeeds in being analyzed, recognized, and mimicked by other well respected musicians. While most people would fold to the strenuous pressures of such a sudden recognition, Ruben maintains the integrity and modesty that will keep him at the top of his game. Although his music has gone mainstream, he still keeps a steady following from his underground fans. While headlining parties throughout Spain, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, Ruben has played along side known names such as BT, Sven Vath, Mark Spoon, Bad Boy Bill, Max Graham, Christopher Lawrence, and Sandra Collins. Although most in his position would change due to the rapid succession of his achievements, Ruben stays faithful to his original friends and lifestyle and he is not intimidated to take on more.

Because of his quality work, dazzling ability to hypnotize a crowd, and amiable demeanor, Ruben has not only succeeded as a DJ, but additionally has become an accomplished producer and the co-owner of the DHV record label, whose name is the epitome of excellence, vision, creativity, and passion. Not only did he produce with label mates HP and LCM! the #1 track of the year on trance addict, the classic album "Echo", but he remixed (with Harout Pogossian and Ignosis) T.A.G.'s song called "Fire," which some say is an even larger stroke of genius, and soon to be breaking the charts. To add to his collection of triumphs, Ruben's first Mix CD titled "Trance Mixed Version 1.01" has caused a tumult across record stores nationwide. Along with his best friend and business partner Harout Pogossian, Ruben was named "Best Armenian DJ/ Producer in the World", because of Ruben Carr's original music and ability to connect with other people, he has achieved a wide variety of strict followers around the world who religiously download, discuss and live through his work.

Later in 2004, DHV Records has scheduled to release an EP as well as include a remix by Ruben Carr, Harout Pogossian and LCM! for the song titled "Ode to Our", written and produced by Sandra Collins, Jason Blum, and Scott Giaquinta.

The only thing that surpasses Ruben Carr's talent and outdoes his music is his charming personality. DJ Darky is the platform from which Ruben Carr has sprung and although the metamorphosis has occurred, Ruben still carries with him the specialized style, intrinsic good nature, and positive aura of energy that made DJ Darky infectious. If one thought Darky surpassed the limits of the electronic music industry, then watch out because Ruben Carr is sure to take the world by surprise.

2003  Fire - Blue Chrome Recordings (USA) - 12"
2002  Trance Mixed v1.01 - DJ on Tour (USA) - Compact Disc
2001  Echo - DHV Records (USA) - 12"