A rich soundscape of euphoric resonance beckons us to Cordoba, Spain. Hypnotized by the intoxicating beats, we arrive at the studio of Lucas Carmona, better known as LCM!, producer/DJ. Upon meeting Lucas, one can only wonder how a young man can hold within him the secrets of life yet to unfold. His progressive bass grooves, layering of rich harmonic chords and lush string arrangements create sizzling mixes intensifying each unforgettable experience. Evident of his passion for music, Lucas has produced in the past 7 years, various electronic genres such as progressive, trance, breakbeat, techno and house. He holds an impressive discography with more than 30 published works around the globe on labels such as DHV Records (USA), Sound Assault Music (UK), Start Stop Records (Belgium), Bit Music (Barcelona, Spain), Blue Chrome Recordings (USA), Aire Music (Madrid, Spain), just to name a few.

Some of his musical influences are Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre and Mike Oldfeld. But greatly inspired by the nectars of life, this sensitive artist hears music everywhere…in the air he breathes, sounds he hears, food he tastes and what he touches. In return, Lucas Carmona takes us on a journey, sharing his experiences through music that touches our minds and moves our bodies and souls.

Versatility of Lucas Carmona led him to create scintillating breakbeats and sub styles under the alias of Ignosis. His main style is setting the south of Spain on fire with a lush "trancy" touch and long titillating build-ups producing electronic scene favorites like "Beauty of Life", "Lovin'" You" and "Retrofeeling". Fresh off the presses is the latest album FIRE, which features three mixes: the original mix by T.A.G., Philip Emanuel's house mix, and a breakbeat mix by Ruben Carr and Harout Pogossian with Ignosis. This amazing song will definitely cause everyone to be on "Fire."

The prolific world of Lucas brings excitement to the electronic scene with future productions. Lucas/LCM!, along with Harout Pogossian and Ruben Carr will bring their individual mesmerizing styles together to remix the song titled "Ode to Our", written and produced by Sandra Collins, Jason Blum, and Scott Giaquinta on DHV Records later in 2004.

With new adventures taking him beyond the horizon, we wait with anticipation for the beats and the grooves his stories will tell. Rays of light shine a pathway to the future for all who want to experience a story, a journey…life through the music of Lucas Carmona.

2003  Fire - Blue Chrome Recordings (USA) - 12"
2002  Kinjite Imasu - Start Stop Records (Belgium) - 12"
2001  My Name is Trance - Sound Assault Music INT (UK) - 12"
2001  Electronic Feelings - Referenda Records (UK) - 12"
2001  Echo - DHV Records (USA) - 12"