Sounds of mesmerizing intensity shook the electronic music scene with the arrival of Harout Pogossian also known as HP, Tripeller, Vegas Cossmo, Spinfuse, and Darius & Pogossian. This intensely soulful talent draws crowds of monumental proportions, hypnotizing them with his creative beats and intoxicating melodies. A master producer, he passionately creates, interlacing an eclectic blend of styles constantly redefining his music into a new category of its own. His intuitive ability to add the next layer of sounds at the right moment can only be described as magic.

Beginning his illustrious music career in 1996, Harout Pogossian created DHV Records. His first album, UNSPOKEN DREAM, containing the tracks "Ambrosia" and "Plasma," was released in 1999 and quickly aroused and captivated the attention of many globally. Excitement again exploded into the music scene in 2001 with his second release, ECHO with label mate and best friend, Ruben Carr aka DJ Darky, as well as LCM!, and Goose. ECHO, with tracks "Pensamiento Progresivo" and "Tear Drops" held the number 1 song of 2001 on Trance Addict.

With a constant thirst to evolve and express himself, Harout Pogossian thrilled audiences with his live performances playing original music. In 2000, this multi-faceted talent began yet another phase of his music career. DJ'ing not only exposed his exciting stage presence, but it brought forth his innate ability to feel the ambiance of the crowd, mixed with his incredible producing skills resulting in an electrifying performance of spontaneous combustion.

While performing at clubs and raves around the globe-Russia, Poland, Spain, Peru, Mexico and the U.S. to name a few, HP has remained consistent in electrifying crowds. Bringing his intensity and talent to the stage alongside DJ's and artists such as Christopher Lawrence, DJ Dan, Pascal F.E.O.S., Andry Nalin, Junior Sanchez, Mark Farina, Goldie, and Juan Atkins has burned memorable performances for all involved.

Often partnering with his best friend and business partner, Ruben Carr, the dynamic duo compliments each other on stage with Harout's progressive house beats and Ruben's progressive upbeat sound. The close bond between these two is both admirable and exciting. Together, they were named "The Best Armenian DJ / Producers in the World". Rave reviews followed in ZRUTSASER MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE and FREEZE (Greece), issue 5 with two of his songs featured in the accompanying CD, "Home Electronics Volume 1". Such approbation leaves this gentle but fiery soul yet untouched by the publicity.

The world of music and dance is continuously jolted by Harout Pogossian's quest to reach new dimensions in music. Fresh off the presses is the latest album FIRE, which features three mixes: the original mix by T.A.G. aka Alex Stealthy, Philip Emanuel's house mix, and a breakbeat mix by Tripeller. This amazing song will definitely cause everyone to be on "Fire." Later in 2004, DHV Records has scheduled to release an EP as well as include a remix by Ruben Carr, Harout Pogossian and LCM! for the song titled "Ode to Our", written and produced by Sandra Collins, Jason Blum, and Scott Giaquinta.

Harout's quiet intensity, passion and incredible talent are but a few of his many assets. His generosity and sense of integrity is insurmountable and self evident with all of those who come in contact with him whether through work or friendships. All attributes combined, there is no stopping him. We have only seen a little glow of his talent. The future looks forward to hearing more from this generous talent....giving us a reason to move, a reason to feel...a reason to dance.

2003  Fire - Blue Chrome Recordings (USA) - 12"
2001  Echo - DHV Records (USA) - 12"
1999  Unspoken Dream - DHV Records (USA) - 12"