Passion, melody, creativity. Three things that bloomed on the arrival of Chris Goossen also known as Goose to the electronic music scene. His music calms the nerves, clears the eyes and opens the hearts of all his fans, injecting a truly original vibe into their soul.

Inspired by the electronic music scene, Chris started producing electronic music in 1995, adding his creative flair to his own music. In 1998, he joined DHV Records adding his own unique view of music to their lineup.

Chris' first record release was only three years later when ECHO was published with HP, Darky and LCM! The records' two tracks, "Pensamiento Progresivo" and "Tear Drops", drew tremendous acclaim from music critics and listeners everywhere. Chris' music has been played all across the globe, and has received astounding reviews anywhere it is heard.

In 2001 Chris moved from the studio to the stage, performing live at various special events and raves. He brought a fresh new sound to the stage, delighting crowds wherever he performed.

Currently Chris living in Ontario, Canada producing his inspirational music. He is intent on expressing his own creativity and passion in his music, showcasing his talent to the many open ears of world.

2001  Echo - DHV Records (USA) - 12"